Terms & Conditions

1. General

The Balloon Jam Hamburg is an annual meeting for balloon artists and is organized and operated by downtown event. No profits are drawn by the convention, it is financed by jam fees and sponsoring and works cost-covering only. The jam fees of the expected participants determine the services that the organizers can provide.

2. Conclusion of contract

You need to register with a written registration form for the Balloon Jam Hamburg. This can be done either through the homepage of the Balloon Jam Hamburg, via email or fax. You cannot register orally. By registering you accept the participation conditions. The registration is binding and can only be cancelled by downtown event. After registering, you will get an automatically sent email that confirms the incoming of the registration. This email is not a conclusion of contract. Only when you got the following email with a confirmation, together with an invoice, it is a conclusion of contract.

For participating you need to pay a fee. You will get an invoice via email or mail. The invoice needs to be paid without deduction within ten days after receiving the invoice. The claim of a possible Early Booking Discount applies in accordance with the third paragraph of these conditions of participation. If the invoice amount is not paid within three weeks, downtown event reserves the right to withdraw from the contract and delete the registration. In this case, downtown event is authorized to give the spot to somebody else.

3. Early Booking Discount

We usually offer an Early Booking Discount. If an Early Booking Discount is offered, this will automatically be taken into account and displayed at the invoice when you register before the 30th of April of the current year. The Early Booking Discount can only be claimed when your registration was received until the 30th of April of the current year and the invoice has been paid within ten days of receiving.

4. Cancelation

The participation at the Balloon Jam Hamburg can be cancelled by the participant up to six weeks before the beginning of the event. A cancelation fee of 50€ applies when you cancel in a written form up to six weeks before the event. After that date, the cancelation fee is 100% of the invoice amount. The participant is authorized to find another suitable delegate to take over his spot. The enforcement of other harms remains reserved by downtown event.

5. Accomodation/rooms

When booking a bed in a multi-bed-room, you only book a bed and not a room. Downtown event claims the right to distribute the participants into the beds. You can make a wish when you register and downtown event tries to fulfil this wish. But this happens on a voluntary basis. It may happen that the host has to place late arriving participants into a room with empty beds during the night even though other delegates are already in this room.

6. Programm

The program are subject to change.

7. Cancelation

Downtown event reserves the right to cancel the whole event due to important reasons or force majeure (e.g. war, fire, storm, housebreaking, strike). In case of a cancelation, downtown event will either offer you an auxiliary date or refund you the already paid fees. Further demands of the participants are not acceptable unless the host or his assistants act in gross negligence.

8. Liability

The liability of downtown event or people who are instructed by the host is excluded for claims, especially accidents, damages, losses and thefts unless the harm is the hosts or one of his assistants fault in an intentional or negligent way. This doesn’t apply for damages to life, body or health that result in a neglect of duty through downtown event or his assistants.

9. Privacy Protection

By registering to the Balloon Jam Hamburg the delegate agrees that his personal data is collected and processed considering the legal regulation for the particular event and its associated regulations. The data will only be used for purposes of the event like realizing and developing as well as informing about the event. Personal data will not be passed to third parties.

10. Other

Place of performance is downtown event. For the rest the legal requirements apply. The German law applies. If particular provisions are or become invalid, the efficacy of the other regulations is unaffected. The regulation that matches the superseded invalid regulation the most economically comes into operation then.

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21217 Seevetal

Mobil: +49 (0) 177 204 2005
Mail: info(at)balloon-jam-hamburg.com