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Patrick van de Ven


Twister courses
Language: English

As one of the top 20 Balloon Industry Influencers, his balloonconcepts and techniques are at the base of some of the balloondesigns we see today, shared all over the world. Patrick's constant search for innovative constructions, new techniques and ‘out of the box’ designs have rewarded him with several international prizes and awards. Patrick has taught lectures all around the world - Asia, America and several places in Europe. Since 2014, he has been publishing several high quality balloon PDF tutorials. Fun fact: his ballooncreations even appeared on a Comedy Central commercial!

He is at the Balloon Jam Hamburg for the second time and we are looking forward to his great creations again.

Andreas Zier
Henners Hof 19
21217 Seevetal

Mobil: +49 (0) 177 204 2005
Mail: info(at)balloon-jam-hamburg.com