Jam Fees

Attention: Early booking discount till the 30th April 2020

340,00 € (incl. 19% VAT) for the Jam and meals You need to register, wait for the bill to arrive and transfer the money into our account. The money must be on our account till the 30th April 2020 so make sure to keep the deadline in mind. There is no early booking discount for a one-day participation.

Starting at the 1st May 2020, you pay the official participation fees

The participation fee for:

3 days are 379,00 € (incl. 19% VAT) for Jam and meals
1 day is 190,00 € (incl. 19% VAT) for Jam and lunch

Thursday: There is no dinner on Thursday because of the Jam Buffet. This costs 25,00€ (incl. 19% VAT) extra (without drinks).


Category 1 (toilet / bath ensuite)

Single room         40,00€
Double room        29,00€  (per person)
3-or 4-bed-room   29,00€  (per person)

Category 2 (toilet/bath on each floor)

Single room         30,00€
Double room        21,00€ (per person)
3-or 4-bed-room   21,00€ (per person)


earliest arrival on Monday (2th Nov. 2020) 2pm
6,00€ for dinner

Day of departure on Friday (06th Nov. 2020)

6,00 € for breakfast
Rooms must be vacated by 10am


11,00€ (per day) for power and bathroom.

Info for smokers
In the whole building (also in the rooms) smoking is prohibited. If you do smoke in your room, a cleaning charge of 95,00 € is demanded.

Wi-fi is for free!!

Andreas Zier
Henners Hof 19
21217 Seevetal

Mobil: +49 (0) 177 204 2005
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